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Sheena Larmer
Owner, Trainer & Behaviour Specialist

I’ve always had a passion for dogs. Over the years I chose to build a life and career around that love for dogs. I began my career in the industry working as a dog walker in Toronto. During that time I completed a comprehensive “Train the Trainer” program. With over a year of intensive training, I developed a strong understanding of how dogs learn as well as a wide range of effective training techniques. I also gained an abundance of practical experience with regard to canine behaviour and the best ways to solve behaviour challenges. I am a long standing member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I’m dedicated to maintaining my knowledge of current issues by continuing my education within the field. Always having dogs in my life, I truly believe that a house is not a home without a dog. A well behaved pup is a treasure that brings joy into our lives and the lives of those around us.


I believe training should be fun. Not only do dogs learn faster & retain what they’ve learned better, it’s also the perfect way to build a loving and trusting bond. By training your dog, you open a line of communication which allows you to better understand each other.

I find taking a positive approach, while also guiding your dog to make the right choice when a challenge arises, will help you raise the most well adjusted dog overall.

Dogs enrich our lives in so many ways. I feel passionately about giving back to them all that they give to us everyday.


Truly effective dog training uses a wide variety of different tools and techniques. I have found using a balanced approach, with a focus on motivational methods, the best way dogs learn and retain what’s being taught. I feel private lessons are superior to a group setting in everything from puppy rearing and basic obedience to handling the most challenging behaviours.
By working one-on-one in your home and around your neighbourhood I’ll build a plan to meet your dog’s individual needs.


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